Firmware Updates

Installation instructions: download the .zip, extract the .dol update file, copy it onto your SD Card, and launch it using Swiss.

Below updates are for HW1. If you bought a HW2 unit, you can download updates here.

VersionDateRelease NotesLink
2.0.12023/07/16– Add additional recovery options
– Free up resources
– Improve architecture
2.0.02022/09/27– Added write support.
– New implementation for fragmented file handling.
– Improved SD Card compatibility:
– Fixed issue with PNY cards.
– Support for standard capacity cards
– Several small optimizations.
1.1.22020/10/14– Fixed stability issues encountered on certain boards (introduced in 1.1.1).
1.1.12020/10/04– Fixed random corrupted audiostreaming sound
– Added some small optimizations
– Cleaned up codebase.
1.1.02020/07/11– Added safe firmware updates (recovery firmware image is written)
– Workaround for hidden filenames (boot.iso.iso, boot.gcm.gcm are also detected at boot)
1.0.12020/06/07– Fixed some stability issues
– Decreased FPGA boot time
1.0.02020/01/08– Fragmentation issue with Swiss fix
– Added multi-disc support for Swiss