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  • Launch games and homebrew from a memory card
  • Plug and play installation, no soldering required. Free gamebit is included.
  • Faster loading and seek times compared to original DVD drive
  • Audiostreaming support
  • Firmware updateable through memory card

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GC Loader replaces the GameCube DVD drive. With it you can load your games and homebrew from a memory card. This gives you much faster loading times and you can also store your complete collection of games on a single memory card. Installation is simple: disassemble your GameCube and replace the original DVD Drive with the GC Loader. A free gamebit screwdriver is included in the package so no extra tools are needed besides a standard Phillips screwdriver!


  • Plug and Play installation, no soldering required. Free gamebit is included.
  • Supports all GameCube versions (DOL-001 & DOL-101) and all regions
  • Full Speed SD Card interface (up to 1TB cards supported)
  • FAT32 and exFAT support for SD Card
  • Launch games and homebrew using Swiss as menu.
  • Support for ISO, GCM, and DOL files
  • Audiostreaming Support
  • Firmware updateable (just load a DOL file from SD Card)
  • Compatible with GameCube video/HDMI/Component mods (gcvideo)

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